Christmas Program 2023

January 4, 2024

The Nazareth School of General Aguinaldo was filled with the spirit of Christmas as students, parents, staff, and teachers joined together for a joyous celebration. Verses from the book of John 1:9–10 served as the inspiration for this year's Christmas party theme, which emphasized the importance of the Light that shines in the darkness. With a hearty welcome, our beloved school principal, Mrs. Lydia Dimapilis, kicked off the festivities. Her remarks reminded everyone of the genuine meaning of Christmas and set the tone for a memorable celebration. Students representing every grade excitedly stepped onto the stage to display their talents. The program showcased the range of ability and creativity present in our school community, ranging from mesmerizing dance routines to entrancing musical performances. It became clear that the students' spirit of joy and unity was genuine as each act unfolded. Adding an extra touch of magic to the event, a special guest in the form of a Philippine Navy officer dressed as Santa Claus made the students more excited to the event. The children's eyes sparkled with joy as they interacted with this unique Santa, symbolizing the spirit of giving and service. To formally conclude the presentation, Mrs. Minerva Diloy gave moving final remarks. She expressed her appreciation for everyone's participation and sense of unity during the event. Mrs. Diloy urged the children to embrace the Christmas spirit in their everyday life as well as during the celebrations. Following the talent showcase and special guest appearance, students proceeded to their respective classrooms for intimate Christmas parties. Teachers and students fostered a sense of camaraderie and seasonal spirit by sharing laughs, exchanging gifts, and enjoying tasty meals. Parents, staff, and kids all had a great time celebrating Christmas as one family in the school, and it will always be remembered. Our school community joined together to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas – the Light that shines in the darkness, bringing hope, joy, and togetherness to all – through the sharing of skills, giving gifts, and the festive environment.